Thanksgiving 2015

Today is Friday, November 27th, 2015, and I am at my computer, attempting to sweat out my first post on WordPress.  Its a tad bit difficult at the moment, because I am still fighting a brutal cold that had me so sick, I missed work on Tuesday in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to miss on Wednesday, thereby losing my Holiday Pay.  This is a particularly vicious cold, and I really don’t remember a cold this bad in a very long time.  In view of that, dear Reader, please bear with me.  Writing while sick is sketchy, at best.  Also, I am not new to blogging, having a couple blogs over on Blogger.  I promise, it’ll get better.

Last Friday, we attended the viewing and funeral of a dear friend and mentor, who, along with his wife, “adopted” us into their family very early into our marriage.  Wonderful people, without whom, both my husband I agree, we would never have stayed married.  Long story short, while we never noticed anyone sick, there still were a lot of hugs, kisses, etc. that most likely resulted in me being exposed.

Sunday, I woke up with a sore throat that dissipated during the day, and was gone the following morning, replaced by a bit of congestion and a slight cough.  By the end of the workday, I was so sick, I could barely stand it.  A rattley cough, out of control runny nose, and body aches so severe, it felt like I was being tortured with hot pokers.  I also went through a box and a half of Kleenex’s and entire bottle of hand sanitizer.  I came home and promptly went to bed.

I did try, honestly, to go to work the next day.  I got up and tried to eat my usual light breakfast of yogurt and a couple sausage links, but couldn’t finish because I felt so weak and miserable.  So, I made the decision to stay home, take hours against me, and stay in bed all day.  My poor husband was left to fend for himself.  I got up a few times, to go to the bathroom, or to try and eat a bite or two, but went straight back to bed.

Wednesday morning, I was feeling better, still puny, but better.  I decided against any overtime, not wanting to tire myself too much, as I still had to go get some groceries, as well as prepare chicken and noodles and a cake for Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law’s house.  After working and getting that errand done, I arrived home, ready to prepare the yummies for the next day, only to find Dearest with a runny nose, cough and body aches.  After a light dinner, as neither of us could eat very much, he sacked out in the recliner, and I started the chicken to cook and the cake to bake.

There’s a reason why you’re told to rest when you’re sick, and its a reason I have studiously and rebelliously ignored.  As soon as I feel better, I go back full steam.  Not so much, this time.  It was just about all I could do to finish up the chicken and noodles and wait for the cake to cool enough to cover.  It should be said that I forgot to buy more broth while at the grocery store, so the noodles were definitely a slap dash affair.  By the time they were done, meat removed from the bones, noodles cooked and ready to make the gravy-broth,  they were a bit weak tasting, at least to me, as I typically use a lot of spices and herbs in my cooking.

We hit the sack around nine thirty, and slept till about eight a.m. Thanksgiving morning.  I made coffee and got my shower out of the way, and prepared the glaze for the cake.  Topped with the festive Fall sprinkles I’d bought, and the powdered sugar glaze, the orange Bundt cake looked wonderful, although admittedly, part of the top had stuck to the pan, and had to be placed back on.  When I went to transfer the chicken noodles to a bigger pot for travel, they were nothing like my usual batches.  They had soaked up every bit of the broth!  I know, it happens, but of course, it would have to be the time when they were going to be taken to a family gathering, where my ham had already been found wanting.

In defense of my ham, it was a delicious spiral-sliced confection of butter, cloves, brown sugar, maple syrup, and honey, basted frequently to a fantastic crust of goodness encasing moist, flavorful meat.    I was asked if I could do the ham that year, so I made it my way, unaware that I apparently was supposed to make it according to their notion, which involves covering it with pineapple, resulting in, to me, soggy, disintegrating meat.  But, I digress.

Dearest, in the meantime, had showered, dressed and was attempting to put his boots on.  I knew how miserable he had to be feeling, so, I told him that if he didn’t feel up to it, we could stay home, mainly because he was so sick, but also because we didn’t want to get everyone else sick.  He looked at me so pitifully, put down the boot he was trying to put on, and just slumped his shoulders.  “I guess I’d better call Mom”, was all he said. While he called her, I put up the chicken and noodles in the fridge, and helped him get his pj’s on and get into bed.  I headed for the couch with The Baby Girls, (our Schnauzer and Schnooodle), armed with a blankie, a pillow and my crocheting, intent on resting and getting some more work done on a project I was working on.  I managed to finish the row I was working on, then put it up.  I was pretty much done for the day.  T.V. off, lights off, curled and cuddled up with the pups under a warm blankie for a nice four hour nap.  Much needed.  Dearest got back up for about an hour, and we both had a small bowl of chicken and noodles and a sliver of the cake, then went to bed at eight thirty.

This morning, he felt better, while I seem to be feeling slightly worse.  Stuff is definitely breaking up, so I’m coughing more, which is, of course, giving me a headache.  I’ve managed to eat a bit, but overall, not much during the past four days.  So, hopefully, the silver lining in all this will be a bit of weight loss, and that I can continue it.  I am feeling a bit of concern, as I do have sugar issues, pre-diabetic, and all this irregular eating has jacked with it some, or, quite possibly, it’s just that I’m still feeling weak from being sick.  I know that when up and moving around for a bit, I do feel very weak and shaky, but after a few minutes of sitting down, I feel better.  So, it may just be residual illness.

As for making up the hours I missed on Tuesday, whether or not I make it in tomorrow to do that, is entirely up in the air.  It depends on how I feel in the morning.



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