Imagine what we could have accomplished over the last eight years if only, if only…
I will never forgive the Republican Party for their seemingly absolute refusal to work with President Obama and/or Democrats. Their grievances and dislike of the President and the mess that the Democratic Party has become, have shut down the government several times, AT GREAT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, might I add. What happened to representing the people while doing what was best for the Country?  Keeping religion out of it, and ruling according to law, not fervent beliefs. That’s why this great country was founded on documents guaranteeing not only freedom of, but also freedom from religion.  There’s President Kennedy’s address to the Baptist ministers, where he spoke the truth that a man’s religion ought not have any bearing on his ability to be president.

Watching the SOTU tonight, I felt proud of my president, for his entire eight years in office has been an uphill battle that has, no doubt, tested him mightily.  He spoke openly and honestly about his achievements, the slow reversal of the economic disaster and the equally slow recovery, certainly not helped by government shutdowns, filibustering and other shenanigans perpetrated mainly by the republicans.

I felt proud to be an American, too. He spoke of the qualities that are part of what made America the shining lamp of the world, qualities we need to re embrace.  When did we let them slip away, to be replaced by one upmanship, greed, mistrust?




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