Sunday Chicken Dinner

I’ve been working a lot over overtime over the last couple months, so both the blog and my menus have suffered.  We’ve struggled through many “I don’t feel like cooking a damn thing” nights, and a couple weekends when I worked, this one included, have necessitated cooking meals in advance, in bulk, and freezing leftovers for another meal, plus an individual lunch or two, and what I’m cooking today is perfect for three meals, one tonight, two to freeze, and three individual servings for lunch.


Today, I’m making a recipe from “Homestead Kitchen” by Eve and Eivan Kilcher, called Chicken Barley Soup. It’s a recipe I’ve made before, however, their recipe doesn’t call for chicken meat, only broth, so I added meat to it and extra barley.  It is a delicious, nutritious, hearty and comforting meal on a cold late January evening

I’m using meat from half a chicken plus the stock and the carrots, garlic, onion and celery from making the stock.  Since the vegetables are from making the stock itself, I slice them up before I freeze them in a bit of broth.  Instead of having to sauté them, I can add the remaining ingrdients, allowing me to have the soup done in record time.

So, after defrosting the stock, meat and veggies, I put them all into a 5.5 quart French Oven along with the required grated apple, and heat over medium-low flame.IMG_6006.JPG

The recipe also calls for a bit of vinegar, but I use this, as it has a more delicate flavor.  image

Waiting for it to come to a boil…image.jpg

once it boils, I add pearled barley, about a cup or so.  I also add poultry seasoning, sweet paprika and a dash of turmeric, to taste, not called for in the original recipe, plus salt, pepper and parsley, then cover and simmer about 20-30 minutes.

Once the barley is tender, add your chopped kale, and simmer about 5 minutes or so.  The recipe calls for 2 cups, but I use the entire bunch in the soup, with the stalks going to the compost bin


A nice grating of Parmesan cheese is delicious, but I forgot to get any at the store.  Leftover sour milk biscuits from this morning’s breakfast will compliment this soup nicely.


It’s actually more of a stew, the way I make it.



Till next time, friends!!!


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