Hard Water?  Vinegar!

Just a quick post today.  

Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t have any problem recommending products that I find very useful and that work good, are relatively inexpensive and also aren’t harsh on people, the environment or animals. 

Many people live in areas where they have hard water, and it builds up that nasty, icky limescale around your faucets and other fixtures. The best way to combat this, I’ve found, is to use a product from Heinz called vinegar.  Now the last few years I’ve been using one of their products called “all natural cleaning vinegar-special cleaning strength “.  It’s some pretty awesome stuff. I use it often in the laundry with the soap, (in addition to washing soda), because, as you know, when you have hard water,  as you know the clothes don’t get as clean, because your laundry soap doesn’t work as well. 

It has an acidity of 6%, so, anything you use already use regular vinegar to clean with, this is like super duty, so adjust accordingly.  

I’ve also discovered that it works absolute wonders in your dishwasher. Whenever I hear the dishwasher tab drop in, I add about a half a cup of this cleaning strength vinegar. I also use it in the rinse dispenser instead of buying those expensive rinses. What I pay for a gallon of the vinegar, is about the same amount as a small bottle of the rinse agent.

You can also put it in a spray bottle and, holding paper towels flat against the glass, spray the paper towels well, adhering them onto the shower doors. Let sit a few minutes, and then use the paper towels to just wipe away any hard water residue. The paper towels hold the vinegar in place long enough to dissolve the lime scale so all you do is wipe the residue away,  rinse and wipe dry, and your shower doors look brand-new.  

That’s all for today!

Till next time, friends!


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